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Our Victim Support volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. They are specially trained to help victims of crime and their families come to terms with the emotional and practical problems which follow a crime.  Our volunteers ensure that victims have:


  • Someone to talk to in confidence about their feelings regarding the crime and who will listen and empathise with their concerns and anxieties.

  • Help to overcome the social, behavioural and practical effects of crime.

  • Information on police and court procedure.

  • Reassurance and emotional support.

  • Crime prevention information.

  • Contact with other local organisations and agencies if required.

  • Someone to accompany them on visits to other agencies if required.


Our volunteers are trained to support victims of various crimes, including but not limited to, violence against the individual, burglary, criminal damage, and sexual offences (including childhood sexual abuse).  


Our Witness Service volunteers will support witnesses giving evidence in the criminal and domestic courts before, during and after a criminal trial or hearing, by: 


  • Providing reassurance and emotional support to victims, witnesses, their family members and friends.

  • Supporting those waiting in the Witness Suite before going into court and, if required, going into the courtroom with them.

  • Providing information about the court procedures.


Our volunteers receive training and attend volunteer meetings on a quarterly basis and they can access support themselves as and when required. Additional training is available for volunteers who wish to work with people who have suffered specific crimes such as sexual assault. 

Volunteers can offer as much or as little time as they choose.  For example, some volunteers make themselves available on one morning or afternoon every week, some less frequently, and some are happy to be called whenever they are needed.


Experience and Skills

No previous experience of this type of work is necessary as training will be given. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old but there is no upper age limit.

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