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If you have been the victim of crime in our Bailiwick, our staff and volunteers can help you cope with its effects.  We will listen while you talk through your feelings and reactions to the crime and try to help you find the way that best suits you to overcome it. We will not judge you or tell you what to do, we are simply here to help, whenever you need it and for as long as you need it.  


Regardless of how long ago a crime took place, the effects may continue to impact on a person’s life for many years after the event. It may also take some time for a person to recognise that the difficulties they are experiencing are related to that crime.  Victim Support recognises this and offers support whenever it is needed.


We offer emotional support and information, and, where required, support with practical and personal issues. We identify the help and support that will most usefully meet the person’s needs and expectations. If specialised help is wanted we will assist with finding that help.

You may self-refer for support or you may be referred by the Police or another agency following the occurrence of a crime. We will then arrange for a trained volunteer to contact you and arrange a mutually convenient time and a safe location to meet. Alternatively, you may wish to receive support via the telephone.

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